Wednesday, May 15, 2013

she's eight!

Someone turned eight a little over a week ago.  My baby who is not such a baby any more....  Eight years old.  Sheesh.  We've had a few celebrations already but we still aren't done.  We haven't been able to go out for her birthday dinner yet.  But boy the kids are chomping at the bit for that.  Patience!!! It will happen!!!
Meanwhile - on Sunday the 5th we celebrated with Casa G.  We were few in number with the Douces gone and some of the boys busy, so we just did a simple cake.... and sadly no gifts.  Really, it is just as well since we don't have much space to take it all back with us anyway!

Then school.  Time for cupcakes and all that yumminess.  The teacher's aide for that class has the same birthday so they planned a big shin-dig for the two of them.  Unfortunately Ms. Luz's dog got bit by some nasty bug that can cause a slow death, so she couldn't be there.... she had to go and put her dog down.  Not exactly the happiest way to spend your birthday.  Poor Ms. Luz.
Lucy's part of the party went on.... just with the cupcakes, however.
Ms. Luz did make Lucy a special crown though!

Since it was a Monday and we can't drive from 4:00 - 7:30 ("pico y placa"), we couldn't go out for dinner.  So she requested chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.  With real chocolate chips (imported and supplied by Veronica)!  Lucy even helped get dinner ready.

Due to the nearness of our move we didn't do a "real" gift for Lu.  I thought she might be a little unhappy about getting money for her birthday.  Take a look at the picture and figure out for yourself whether I was right or wrong....
No animation what-so-ever.
Well, at least she is clear on the emotions.
Birthday dinner out... still to come.

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