Sunday, May 26, 2013

mom's day

Why back when was Mother's Day - like two whole weeks ago.  By the looks of the picture below, you'd think I had seven kids.  Um.... no, only four.  But I still received multiple cards and things - including Lucy's music notebook.  Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like a cuaderno de musica.
Recently we've been having the Casa G boys at our house on Sundays rather than going there.  Our kids like it a lot better - they are much more interactive and love hanging out with them - at our house.  We're not sure what the difference is, but they are totally different kids at home than when we are at Casa G. 
Anywho, the boys were all so sweet.  After church they walked into the house single file, each carrying a flower (or two or three - depending on whether they picked it or not!!) and handed them to me as they walked in.  Of course I got all teary eyed.  Shocking, I know.

The kids also came home from church with roses and vases that they had made in Sunday school (I skipped out on church so that I could have a little time to myself since the rest of the day was busy with cooking, hosting and all of that).  They are all so pretty but I was so sad knowing that I was going to have to throw them away pretty soon.  I'd be pretty happy being a hoarder if it meant I would hoard everything my kids ever made or did.
After Casa G, in the early evening, Mia's bible study group had a special Mother/Daughter bible study. We were supposed to dress alike....
We played Headbandz and did the bible study - then had cake.  It was pretty great to have that time with Mia and with her/my friends.
The Friday before Mother's Day, Cade's class had a special Mother's day tea.  I was so mad at myself because I took a bunch of pictures but then I accidentally deleted them all.  Not happy.  
They had muffins and juice, special vases and flowers that they made, read some poems and filled out a little booklet together (same one as last year - and it was just as much fun).  I loved having that time with that guy.  I kind of like Cade.
Being a mom is good stuff.

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