Monday, April 16, 2012

teacher appreciation?

Last friday was Teacher Appreciation day out here.  I was not prepared.  
I had already looked up the date a while ago - May 8th.  Done.  I was going to be prepared for that.  Then one of my daughters came home on Friday (I'll not say which one to save the potential embarrassment for the teacher) and said her teacher told them that it was on Friday.  Yes, the teacher did tell the students when teacher appreciation day was.  No comment.
Anywho, I went into mild panic mode and came up with about nine quick solutions.  That is always the problem.... too many ideas and then I waste time figuring out which one to do.  Well, I came up with this:
I had a few plain Ikea frames that I was going to use for another project (but I came up with a different idea for that project, so now I didn't need them any more).  I painted them fun colors and painted the plastic photo protector part (plastic in place of what would normally be glass in a frame) with chalkboard paint (rough it up with sandpaper first so the paint adheres better).  Then the kids wrote their teacher a little message with chalk.   Glue the frame to some ribbon tied around recycled juice jars, throw in some flowers (had some baby's breath left over from the wedding last weekend.... more on that later) and four Teacher Appreciation Day gifts are done.
All the "specials" teachers, teacher's aids and whatnot (or whonots ?) are going to have to wait for the US date in May.  Not enough time to do that many gifts!
I made a fatal mistake in the delivery however.  You'd think after all these years I'd not be such a fool.  But alas, a fool I still am.....
I didn't have the flowers in the morning so I told the kids I'd bring the gifts at lunch time so they could get them to their teachers.  I found all the kids without much problem and they all joyfully and safely delivered their gifts to their teachers.... Save one.
Like a moron I left Lucy with her gift while she was in the lunch room.  Need I say more?

(just in case I do need to say more - let me give you a hint..... the thing was partially made of glass)
(in case I need to say more than that, she broke the glass in the lunch room, surrounded by many many other students and one of the supervising teachers had to clean it up)
(oh, and maybe I should say just a little bit more..... no one was hurt in this situation -save my pride- one would think a mother of four would no better)
(one would think but then one would be wrong..... at least in my case)

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