Saturday, April 21, 2012

sick of yourself?

Do you ever get sick of yourself?  I mean like sick of your sinfulness, humanness, dealing with your constant imperfections?
Last evening I said something - not a horrible something - that made me sick to my stomach about myself.  It was just my pride oozing out.  Pride about something stupid - a comment I made about something that basically said "my infirmity is worse than yours".  How utterly stupid and prideful - being prideful about something that is wrong with me.  Utter lunacy. 
So often I look back at myself and what I say, think or do and I just want to beg "God please take me now!"  I don't want to be a yucky friend, a prideful person - a braggart, a selfish spouse, an impatient parent..... and on and on it goes.
Oh Lord, thank you that you are so patient with me and that Your mercies are new every morning.

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