Thursday, February 16, 2012

oh that girl.....

Before I get to that girl, I need to confess something.  I met a man yesterday whom I am very much in love with.  He works for the electricity people.
The very insightful, wise man came to check on our neighbors because they hadn't paid their power bill and if they don't pay it by tomorrow, their power is getting turned off.  Enough about their problems....  So anyway, I bumped into this brilliant man again this morning just on the street.  He greeted me with a big smile, and said "Hola niña!" (niña is a girl).  He asked me if I talked to my neighbors, blah, blah, blah (enough about their problems) and then said "Gracias joven!" (joven mean young).
I could have kissed him.

Moving on.....
That girl.
First, a piece of her homework:

She wrote "I want to play with my friends." and her teacher let her know that messiness is not acceptable.  Lucy, being Lucy, replied to her teachers comment (I am hoping and assuming that she did this at home, without her teacher seeing it).

And a little more Lucy...  I've been gone a lot recently (part of the reason this blog has been vacant for so long).  First to Maryland, then to California.  Yesterday I spoke with Lucy teacher who informed me that Lucy told her that I was gone only to get her toys.  My sole purpose in going away.
You see, the kids - much to their delight - got some money for Christmas from some grandparents.  So now they could buy some gifts for themselves.  Since I was going to the states for OTHER REASONS, they ordered some toys with their money.
Later I told Eric what her teacher said and he, Mia and Cade started laughing.  They informed me that she also had said something to the effect of "If mommy dies, does that mean we won't get out toys?".  Eric told her that most likely I won't die - everything will be fine.  "I know daddy, but if she does, I still want to get my toys."
Such love.

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