Sunday, September 14, 2014

i made pickles!

Another post way overdue.  Sheesh - I uploaded these photos a month ago at least.  Oh well, just a quick bit, then.
Yes.  So I made pickles.  I saw on add that a lady was selling some pickling cucumbers, so Eric headed out for me and bought some.  Apparently it was from a very talkative older German lady with whom he had a delightful conversation.
I was expecting nice little cucumbers, but they turned out to be rather fat old suckers.  Oh well.  Pickles can still be made.
Eric helped me slice them up and I brewed up two batches.  One Bread 'n' Butter:
And one Dill.
I was a little concerned because a) I had never made pickles before and b) they didn't seem like they would be so great being that they were from such fat cucumbers, therefore having a rather large fleshy seedy area.
Apparently they turned out great (I can't stand pickles, so I wasn't about to try them…. I wouldn't have a clue if they were any good anyway, since to me, any pickle is a nasty pickle!).  Both batches.  Hurrah!!  It was actually rather fun to make them.  I seem to like making anything that I can stick into a jar - always have.  But these stinky things are a new one for me.

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