Monday, September 16, 2013

newspaper delivery woman

I have high aspirations  - I got me a job.
No holding out for a management position for me.
I'm delivering newspapers!!
Yes, it is true.
I'm actually kind of excited about it and already delivered last Thursday.  I figured I want to get more exercise, so why not get paid for it?  It is just the local paper and it only comes out once a week.  So every Thursday I'll be hauling off 63 or so issues of Steinbach's literary pride, The Carillon.
Eric joined me on the first half of my first route.  It'll end up being about two hours of fast walking (you have to put the paper right at the doorstep since quite a few subscribers are older, and there are quite a few one or two houses on the whole street who subscribe situations). It would be okay pay if I did it in a car like most people, but spread it out over the two hours and it doesn't add up to much.
My boss says that he doesn't care who delivers them, as long as it gets done, so that means Eric can do it for me when I am away (or when it starts getting stinking cold!!).
Not much as far as a job goes yet, but it is a start!

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