Tuesday, February 19, 2013

long weekend

We finished a lovely long weekend not so long ago - for Carnaval.  Long weekend are, as I said, lovely, but I'm glad they aren't longer than they are.  Especially with Eric gone the whole time.  And the car gone (not that I don't avoid driving here with everything that is in me).  Eric and all those belonging to Casa G. went to Chuytallo (I swear I spell that differently every time....) for the annual service trip there.  Sadly the kids and I could not go along because they were spending some extra time doing some fun, bonding kind of stuff and we had to get back to school.  I was very very sad not to be able to participate in the service stuff and the bonding stuff.  C'est la vie!
The kids had times at friends' houses and friends at our house, so that part was good.  And we got some stuff done.  For example, I put up a bunch of stuff that I had wanted to put up for a long time....

The kids' latest artwork that they did this summer....

Yes, all of those things still had not found a home on our walls.  Probably because I had more grandios plans for them all...  And the kids thought I was a lunatic for doing it since we are also starting to pack up and get ready to move in 4.5 months.  Have I wrote about this already?  Our house has been sold and the new owner is bashing it down and building an apartment in its place.  So sad.  Anyway, we have to be out by summer so I've starting doing a little packing already.  To be clear - a very little packing!
But I thought, why not enjoy the house while we are here and make it still homey?  Besides, since they are knocking it down, we don't have to worry about filling nail holes, patching plaster, repainting or any of that stuff.  Such a huge blessing!!  So why not just stick stuff up, right?
That's what I thought.
Cade and I also spent a lot of time together.  Cleaning up his needed-to-be-quarantined area.  They guy is a pack-rat (kind of like someone who may or may not be his mother....) and had approximately a billion papers and whatnot in his room.

I had the extraordinary privilege of sifting through a large bucket full of perler beads to find teeny tiny pieces of Lego.  Handful by handful.  I'm such a lucky duck.
I threatened Cade within an inch of his life not to ever, ever mix those two things together again.
Okay, I didn't really, but I'm pretty sure he got the message with all of my heavy sighs.
To date - his room is a disaster again, but with a lot less stuff.

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